Why Choose Ford & Ford

Ford & Ford has established a reputation in its Business & Corporate and Commercial Real Estate practice areas through decades of thoughtful and precise negotiation, drafting, and closing in matters throughout the eastern United States. We take great pride in our efficiency, in our thoroughness, and in our professionalism toward our clients and counterparties.

With roots in the Tampa Bay region extending back almost a century, combined with generations of leadership in the progress of our community, Ford & Ford aims to help build and enhance business relationships so you—our client—are free to pursue your business goals. To that end, we ensure that the following practices are a part of every transaction:

  • Prompt and frequent communication regarding all pending matters
  • Careful assembly and distribution of critical dates lists
  • Diplomatic and professional negotiations
  • Precise and thorough drafting of documents
  • Timely, organized, and convenient performance of all local and remote closings
  • Detailed and reasonable hourly billing practices

Our view is that carefully constructed agreements avoid ambiguity and lead to smooth transactions and smooth operations following closing. We greatly appreciate the many businesses who have long placed their trust in Ford & Ford, and we are always eager to develop new relationships and new outlets for our reputation and experience. The firm is highly responsive at all times, and we add substantial value to all engagements. We are more thorough, more efficient, and better to work with than many of the alternatives you would consider.

Whether your existing business is looking for Florida counsel or you need legal support to launch a new venture, Ford & Ford is willing to contribute our effective style of practice toward helping you achieve your goals. We invite you to learn more about our practice, our history, and our commitment to sustainability.