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Why Choose Ford & Ford

Ford & Ford has established a reputation in its Business & Corporate and Commercial Real Estate practice areas through decades of thoughtful and precise negotiation, drafting, and closing in matters throughout the eastern United States. We take great pride in our efficiency, in our thoroughness, and in our professionalism toward our clients and counterparties. Read More


Ford & Ford’s roots date back to 1925 with the founding of the firm’s predecessor. Lucille Fleet Ford and her sister, Ruth Fleet Thurman, two of the first women to graduate from Stetson University Law School, joined the firm in 1966. At the time, they were the only set of sisters practicing law in Florida. Read More


Sustainability and environmental stewardship are major priorities of Ford & Ford. For over a century, we have lived and worked in this region that is home to Florida’s largest open-water estuary. On a local and personal level, we have seen and experienced the arc of Tampa Bay’s decline and recovery through decades of growth, development, busts, and booms. Read More